Privacy Policy, a part of Exur Ltd with residence on the 10785 W. Twain Ave., Suite 102 Las Vegas, NV, 89135, is responsible for collecting your personal data, their use and their protection. Your personal information will be used to provide you services and products that you’ve requested, inform you about changes in them, and evaluate de quality of service that we offer you.

For the purposes outlined in this privacy notice, we can collect your personal data in several ways: whether you give it to us directly; when you visit our web site or use our online services, and when we get information through other sources permitted by law. We collect personal data directly when you give it to us through several means, like participating in our promotions or when you give us information so that we can provide you with a service. The data we get through this mean may be, among others: Your name, e-mail, country and city of origin, pages visited within our web site, information to improve your experience in our site like screen resolution, web browser and operating system you use. You have the right to access, rectify and cancel your personal data, as well as oppose the treatment we give them or revoke de consent that you’ve given us to such end, through the procedures that we’ve implemented. To know more about such procedures, you can contact our Department of Protection of Personal Data on

If you wish to stop receiving promotional messages from us you may request it through our Department of Protection of Personal Data mentioned above.

You may consult any modification to this privacy notice on

Last update – March 30, 2015

Detailed Privacy Notice

On this Privacy Notice we explain our policy about the recollection, use, disclosure and transmission of user data by the company family Exur Ltd. The current policy can be modified as we update and broaden our services. Therefore, we recommend you consult it periodically. If you access our web site or use our service in any other way, it means that you’re giving consent to our practices about information.

Important: This Privacy Notice includes hyperlinks to which you can access only through our website, so you will have to visit the website to consult the additional terms you can access through the hyperlinks.

  • Collection and use of information
  • Disclosure of information
  • Facebook
  • Cookies and other technologies
  • Security
  • Policy changes
  • Transmission of information and international users
  • How to contact us

Collection and use of information

We receive and store information, including your personal information, about you and how you use our service. This information is gathered in several ways, amongst them, when you introduce it in our web site and from interactions with our service. Personal information is information that can be used to identify you or contact you. Non-personal information means any information that doesn’t allow a direct association with you. We can gather, use, transfer and disclosure non-personal information for any purpose. You can’t choose not to provide personal information that we request you but, in general, most of the personal information we request is necessary to offer our service, the lack of such personal information will prevent us from doing so.

In some cases, by interacting with us, we request certain personal data so we can offer, improve and personalize our services and marketing campaigns. For the same reason, we may complement the personal information you provide us with public knowledge information and available information from other sources as permitted by law. Personal information is used, for instance, to process the registry process, your orders and payments, and to communicate with you about these subjects and others. We also use your e-mail to send you messages about the new functions in our products, special offers, promotions, customer surveys and other correspondence concerning our service. If you no longer wish to receive marketing communications through e-mail, just get in touch with our Department of Protection of Personal Data by indicating your data and the kind of information you no longer wish to receive. Important: You can’t unsubscribe from certain correspondence you receive from us, like messages related to your account operations.

We follow all your interactions with us and gather information related to you and how you use our service, including, amongst others, your online activity, selection, reviews and title rating, history of payments and correspondence, as well as IP addresses, device type, device exclusive data, such as device identifier, operating system, pages you consulted, and all related activity.

We use this information to determine the country you’re at and offer you with local content, to recommend you pages and information that we consider you may like, to personalize our service and suit it better to your personal interests, to help us respond more quickly and efficiently to inquiries and requests and to improve or better manage our service, both to you and other users.

By using some of the services of Exur Ltd you’ll have the chance to post information on public forums. Keep in mind that when you post this information, it becomes public and it’s no longer protected by this policy. We’re not responsible for the use by others of the information you disclose through our public services.

We reserve the right to partner with companies whose products we believe may be of interest to our customers and prospects. Along with those partners, we may send you promotional ads and web-based ads as permitted by law. You can get in touch with our Department of Protection of Personal Data on and request to be excluded from marketing emails.

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Disclosure of information

It’s possible that we share your information with the company family of Exur Ltd. The company family of Exur Ltd that has access to your information will follow practices consistent with those described in this Privacy Notice. Besides, we use other companies, agents or contractors to do services on our behalf. For instance, we associate with other companies that offer us infrastructure and IT services, that personalize and improve our web sites, that process credit cards transactions, that offer customer support, collect debts, analyze and improve data, including information on the interaction of our users with our website, and process our consumer surveys. While they provide these services, these companies, and others, may have access to your information. We don’t authorize this companies to use or disclosure your personal information, except in order to provide the service we requested them.

We can offer promotions or programs that require the exchange of information with third parties as a condition to participate. For instance, we may associate with companies that offer incentives, such as prizes for frequent flyer miles when you subscribe or use our service. By doing this kind of promotions, we may share your name and other related information with the implementation of incentive. By participating in such promotions or programs, you implicitly accept that we share your information. Important: We don’t control the privacy practices of these third parties.

Exur Ltd also reserves the right to disclosure personal information when we reasonably consider that the access, use, preservation or disclosure of such information is necessary to (a) comply with any law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, (b) enforce terms of use, including the investigation of potential violations to them, (c) detect, avoid or address illegal or suspected illegal activities and technical or safety issues, or (d) protect against harm to the rights, property or safety of Exur Ltd, their users or the public, as required or permitted by law. Regarding the reorganization, restructuring, merge or sale, or any other transfer of goods, we reserve the right to transfer information, including personal information, with the condition that the receiver undertakes to respect your personal information in conformity to our privacy notice.

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In the case of some members located in certain countries, if you link your account of any of the products of the Exur Ltd group of companies with Facebook, we can continuously access to your information and your Facebook registered friends’ information that also have a Facebook account linked with Exur Ltd, unless you unlink it. We will import, use, disclosure and keep this information in order to personalize and improve the Exur Ltd service for you, your friends and other people, amongst other things. Moreover, when you link your Exur Ltd. Account with Facebook, we can automatically post your activity, including what you saw. Your friends and all people that can access to your Facebook information will see that you’re an Exur Ltd member as well as any other information about the use of the Exur Ltd service that is posted, both on Facebook and on Exur Ltd. You’ll also gain access to similar information about your Facebook friends connected with Exur Ltd. Important: Facebook will import, use and keep this information. Consult Facebook’s privacy notice to get further information, including the way the handle this information. You can control how to share certain information in Facebook’s security settings configuration. Facebook and us continuously update and improve this function, so it’s possible that the available information and functions change occasionally. These changes may occur without warning and may not be described here or in the Terms of Use.

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Cookies and other technologies

When you interact with our service, we and our providers can place cookies on your system. Cookies are small data units that are sent to your browser from a web server and are stored in your system in order to register data. In general, cookies can make the internet more useful, since they store information about your preferences in a particular system.

Besides cookies, we and our service providers use a wide range of other technologies, such as pixel labels (beacons), .GIF format transparent images and other technologies that are part of our application software or your device, to register information about how users interact with our service. These cookies and other technologies may help personalize the service for you and help associate your interactions with our service to other information inside your account. They can show us, for instance, popular sites, conversion rates, viewing patterns, clicks records and other information that may prove useful for the improvement, functioning and supervision of our web site and other aspects of our service.

The Help section on the toolbar of most browsers will indicate you how to keep your browser from accepting new cookies, how to make the browser warn you when you get a new cookie, or how to deactivate cookies all together. If your browser is set to not accept cookies, you won’t be able to get the full experience of using Exur Ltd. service and website.

We turn to third parties, advertising agencies, to show our ads. These companies may use information about your visits to this website and others in order to show you ads about goods and services that you may consider interesting.

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Exur Ltd takes very seriously the security of information and uses reasonable administrative, technical, physical and management measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access. For instance, we use Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) – a standard industry protocol – in some of the transmissions that you send us, in order to encrypt certain personal information that you offer during the process of registration and subscription.

Regretfully, no security system is 100% safe. Therefore, we can’t guarantee the safety of your information and we can’t assume full responsibility in case of an inappropriate access. By using our service, including our web site and our user interface, or by giving us information through any mean, you consent to us to communicate with you electronically regarding security, privacy and administrative issues related to how you use Exur Ltd. service.

It’s your responsibility to protect the confidentiality of the access information to your account and to restrict the access to the computer or device you use to access your Auronix account. If you reveal your password to any person or share your account or devices with other people, you must assume full responsibility for their actions. Whenever possible, users of public or shared devices should log out at the end of each visit. If you sell or return a computer or device that you used to access your Auronix services, you must log out and deactivate your account before doing so. If you don’t log out or deactivate your account, future users may access your account information.

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Policy changes

This policy may change as we update and expand our services. You should regularly check if there’s been any update to this policy. You agree that your acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice after their original consent, as well as the use of the Exur Ltd. web site or the continuous use of our service after a change in this policy implies that you accept such changes and you’re obligated to respect them. You may access the latest version of this Privacy Notice by visiting our website and clicking on “Privacy Notice” at the footnote of the Exur Ltd. website pages. The latest version of this Privacy Notice will prevail above all previous versions.

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Transmission of information and international users

Since internet is a global environment, its use to gather and process information necessarily implies the transmission of data internationally.  Therefore, by using Exur Ltd. you agree and accept the transmission of your information outside your country of residence to any other country (including United States) where we have facilities or activities with third parties (including, amongst other things, payment processors, cloud service providers or other IT services, and other companies that provide services to us). You understand that the countries to which we transmit information may have a less comprehensive level of data protection than that of your country.

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How to contact us

If you have any question about your account, this Privacy Notice, including the treatment of personal information and/or our use of cookies and other technologies, you can contact us on