Probiotics: Big help losing weight and belly fat


What are they? Probiotics are live microorganisms that offer health benefits when eaten. They can be found in both supplements and fermented foods, and they may improve your digestive health, cardiac health and immune function, to name a few. Besides, several studies also suggest that probiotics can help you lose weight and belly fat There


17 Things You Didn’t Know About Insulin


Insulin is a hormone made by an organ located behind the stomach called pancreas The term insulin comes from the Latin insula that means island. Insulin is released to the blood by specialized cells called beta cells located in areas of the pancreas called Islets of Langerhans Insulin may also be used as a drug


Adiponectin, Your Fat-Burning Hormone


Did you know there are different types of hormones inside your body and that each one of them affects it in different ways? Your metabolism, mood and growth depend on these hormones. Adiponectin is one of them. Known as the fat-burning hormone, it allows our bodies to naturally lose weight. Adiponectin isn’t only a small