7 ways in which music is good for your heart, brain and overall health


Music provides a great number of health benefits, including lowering stress levels, increasing your state of conscience, changing your mood, accessing different mental states, brain development and it’s useful to meditate, which provides a ton of health benefits in itself. The fact is, there is no human culture on earth that’s lived without music! For


2 Key Features for a Lasting Relationship


Each year, millions of couples around the world take that big step of saying “I do”, committing to a lifelong relationship, hoping that it’ll be a life full of love, friendship and joy next to their partner. But this could be very far from reality, since divorce rate are just getting higher and higher. Social


15 Fast Ways to Stop Stressing Yourself ASAP


Modern life is stressing and there’s really no way to escape external pressures (technically known as “stressors”) that make everyone’s existence too fast-paced, too exhausting and too demanding. Asking people to have less stress is like asking birds to have fewer feathers. We could try to ignore stress since it’s so easy to find, but


10 things that you should throw away immediately for better health

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Human race is very special. We consume a great deal of products that harm us, are bad for us and deteriorate our health considerably, however, we keep buying them, in spite of known for sure how harmful they are. In present times, other things matter most than living a healthy life, and we’re putting ourselves