11 Very Healthy Probiotic Foods


Probiotics are live microorganisms that provide several health benefits when consumed. These are usually beneficial bacteria that serve some function in the body. Probiotics have all sorts of powerful benefits for your body and brain. They can improve digestive health, reduce depression and promote cardiac health. Some researches even suggests that they can help your


10 things that you should throw away immediately for better health

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Human race is very special. We consume a great deal of products that harm us, are bad for us and deteriorate our health considerably, however, we keep buying them, in spite of known for sure how harmful they are. In present times, other things matter most than living a healthy life, and we’re putting ourselves


White mulberry… The next superfood?


Superfoods are usually plant based foods that are nutritiously dense and offer lots of health benefits. Almonds, kale and blueberries are classic examples. On the other hand we have white mulberry, a less known plant but that has been gaining in popularity on the past decade. People are learning that both the leaves and fruits


7 Teas You Should Start Drinking RIGHT NOW!

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Drinking tea can offer several more benefits besides warmth and hydration. If you use the right tea, you could relax more, be better equipped to fight cold, feel more energetic, and, as if it wasn’t enough, it’ll defend you against wrinkles! Thanks to all its beauty benefits, it’ll always be better to drink tea instead