11 foods and drinks that you MUST avoid during pregnancy

Pregnant woman with two servings of pasta Bolognese in front of her

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and delicate moments in a woman’s life, which is why it’s extremely important to have a healthy diet during this time. This means that you should pay attention to all the things you eat, and make sure to avoid foods and drinks that could be harmful. That’s why


7 ways in which music is good for your heart, brain and overall health


Music provides a great number of health benefits, including lowering stress levels, increasing your state of conscience, changing your mood, accessing different mental states, brain development and it’s useful to meditate, which provides a ton of health benefits in itself. The fact is, there is no human culture on earth that’s lived without music! For


2 Key Features for a Lasting Relationship


Each year, millions of couples around the world take that big step of saying “I do”, committing to a lifelong relationship, hoping that it’ll be a life full of love, friendship and joy next to their partner. But this could be very far from reality, since divorce rate are just getting higher and higher. Social


10 Cool Facts About Pomegranates


That pleasure you get when you open a fresh pomegranate and suck on the deep red seeds of the delicious fruit. Or when you simply open a bottle of pure pomegranate juice and take a satisfying gulp. Not only are pomegranates tasty, but they’re also full of health benefits. Here are some of the fascinating